HeFix offers a wide range of services that are expertly handled by a professional and efficient team. No job is too big or too small and we will be guided by your brief. Our materials are SABS approved and of excellent quality. You are assured of the best possible rates for any of the services listed on this page.


At Hefix, we’re here to help.. that’s why were are most trusted in our business!

Whether it comes to carrying out full bathroom renovations or just simply unblocking a toilet, or changing a seal in a tap, we’ll carry this all out for you at an honest cost.

Most plumbers would say that you need to replace the entire fitting when that’s not necessary, we’ll only replace the faulty part within the fitting. Saving you that additional unnecessary cost.

From leaking taps to blocked toilets, gutters to downpipes, irrigation to sewerage pipes… no job too small, too big, or too smelly…

We love to re-design bathrooms and kitchens as well as renovate. We’ll assist you with whatever design you choose and can give advice on the best way forward in order to save costs, without having to compromise on quality.

Water is a precious commodity and we are experiencing droughts, and combined with the fact that more and more properties are being built, and that there’s no forward planning to begin building more dams to accommodate water for the future, don’t you think it’s very necessary to start your own water storage? We also carry out the installation of water storage tanks and irrigation for your garden, swimming pool, bath, shower, basin and toilet water.

Ever thought about recycling your water for re-use and not flushing it down the drain, never to be seen again? Well, we can assist you with this too. Ever heard of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration?

We also carry out the following:

  • Installation and repair of guttering and downpipes.
  • Unblocking of toilets, showers, baths, basins, sinks, sewer drains, storm drains, grey water drains.
  • Replace and service geysers and water heaters.
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At HeFix. When it comes to carpentry, we carry out all types.

Whether it comes to simply repairing a door, building flat pack furniture, or carrying out full kitchen and bedroom cupboard installations, we cater for all design and cost types.

We take great pride in the work we do and therefore assisting clients in design and saving costs is paramount.

Each kitchen is individually designed using the latest computer software, therefore producing 3 dimensional images allowing the customers to see how their proposed kitchen will look and to make any alteration they may require before putting it into production.

The kitchen is the social hub of the home. We provide luxurious and affordable kitchens fitted by our own team of installation specialists. Our designers are experienced and fully equipped to provide you with an exceptional design service.

Some examples of kitchens taken from our gallery’s images are:

* Compact modern bachelor kitchen with 16mm white duco paired with white caesar stone countertops.
• Two- tone wrap kitchen with a mix of Silversardo granite countertops with solid ash wood.
• Solid saligna bar with a mahogany stain paired with a Cream sigma proquartz counter top.
• Modern white kitchen with a contemporary feel, using a 16mm duco white kitchen with caesar-stone counter tops.
• Light grey classic kitchen using a pale grey duck kitchen with a flat door profile with natural granite countertops.
• Classic contemporary kitchen using 22mm white duco shaker door kitchen with white nougat caesar stone tops.
• Classic style kitchen, a timeless beauty using a 22mm duco shaker door profile paired with marble counter tops.
• Pearl kitchen using pearl woodgrain wrap with Grigio mahogany granite.
• White modern kitchen with a vanilla sigma pro quartz counter using a modern wrap kitchen with a vanilla sigma pro quartz countertops and flat square edge profile.
• White bathroom with black star caesar stone shaker style five panel door, finished with Swarovski crystal handles and black star caesar stone.

We provide a complete service for luxury fitted bathrooms, from initial concept and design to our comprehensive installation, which is carried out by our fully qualified craftsmen. With our hands on approach we are able to deliver a very personal service guiding you through the process of choosing your new bathroom.

Need to reattach your cupboard door hinge or maybe fit your integrated dishwasher door? You’ve come to the right place. Cupboard doors become misaligned when hinges come loose. Let us help you with this, We will ensure that your cupboard doors not only fully open and close but also are neatly aligned

We are able to hang your new doors or rehang doors to swing the opposite way. If you have new tiles laid, you might need a carpenter to trim the bottom of the door to ensure your door will fit the tiles. Doors might also get swollen over time due to the weather. Our team can plane these doors for you.

Our expert carpenters are able to hang both internal and external doors, as well as reinforce or repair door frames. No job is too small nor too big!

Looking to install new flooring in your house? Our carpenters will help you with any carpentry-related tasks! Our carpenters will fit and lay new flooring in your kitchen, living room or any of the other rooms of your house; we can even lay the sub-flooring. Whether you want real wood flooring installed or wood effect tiles fitted, we can do this for you.

Looking for wooden shelves for your office or home? Our carpenters can build and fit all the shelves you need to organise your books, collectibles or even house plants. Our expert carpenters are able to build any type of shelf you require, from slatted shelves for your airing cupboard or mounted shelves for your room or garden shed. We will also give them multiple coats of paint and take care of any up/downlighting requirements.

Looking for a carpenter to build and install a partition wall? Our team will be able to construct the partition wall, add electrical and plumbing fixtures before decorating and also decorate your new partition wall. If you are looking to have a window in your partition wall, we can help you with that too, so you don’t have to look any further.

Creating a partition wall is the best way to organise your space efficiently. Whether you are looking for a commercial partition wall or a residential partition wall, allow our expert team to do the job.

Perhaps you have two children, but only one room available for both and don’t have the means to get a bigger house at the moment. Creating a partition wall is the best of both worlds and the easiest way to create some extra space.

From constructing the partition wall to adding electrical and plumbing fixtures – our team will have your new space ready in no time. We can also create a doorway in your new wall if required, matching the thickness of the timber and plasterboard used in the partition wall. To finish, we can decorate your new wall to blend in with the rest of your house or office décor.

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At HeFix. Whether it comes to carrying out large installation projects or just simply changing a light bulb, or light fitting, we’ll carry this out with honesty and customer satisfaction is paramount.

Many electricians could con you into having to replace an entire light fitting, when actually it might only be a small fuse or loose wire etc. Or, when you have what most electricians would say is a major fault, you’ll simply only need to replace a fuse or db board switch etc.

Sick and tired of load shedding or your electrical bill is always too high, why not consider installing solar panels and/or back-up generators / inverters.

Contact us for advice and a quote!

We also carry out the installation of all appliances – dishwashers, ovens and hobs, washing machines, tumble dryers, etc.

Damaged appliances, electrical shocks and flickering lights can be signs of electrical problems within your home or office’s electrical circuit. We have a highly-experienced team of electricians who will be able to find a solution to any electrical issue you might face. Our electricians deal with many electrical repairs and electricity faults, including repairing or replacing light switches.

If something suddenly stops working, it may not just be a simple question of resetting a tripped fuse. It can also be dangerous to investigate without the proper equipment. Perhaps a cable has become disconnected, a transformer has burned out or a circuit has been overloaded. In any case, you will need a qualified electrician investigate and resolve the problem so that it does not recur.

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We offer fast competitive rates for any painting and tiling work.

All paint and tiles are obtained from highly recommended suppliers and are of the highest standard and SABS approved.

We carry out professional and reliable painting and tiling within the commercial and residential sector.

We paint ceilings, walls, floors, doors and door frames, windows and window frames, skirtings, cupboards, roofs,

We tile floors, walls, patios, bathrooms, kitchens, splash backs, swimming pool areas,

Our professional painters offer an array of skills that you might require, from exterior house painting, fix ceiling cracks, repair plaster walls, glossing doors, painting interior doors, painting door frames and much more.

Do you have cracks in walls around windows or cracks in internal walls of your house ? We will repair it in no time, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Perhaps you simply don’t have enough time on your hands and need a professional to deal with the cracks, that’s fine too. We’ll get the job done with efficiency and in a timely manner. There is nothing to worry about, we’ll do a cracking job!

Is your silicone sealant around your sink or bath old and getting mouldy? Or maybe you have just moved house and there is bad-looking mould in the shower? We will be able to remove your old silicone sealant and apply a new bathroom sealant, which will give your bathroom a whole new look.

Did you remove an old light fitting and need a professional to repair the hole left behind? Were you filled with anger and decided to take a swing at your wall? These things happen more often than you know, and it could have been a lot worse – imagine if you had punched a cement wall, then things would be really bad.

Our highly-experienced team will repair your plaster ceiling, fill cracks in plaster walls or undertake any other service you might require.

Hairline cracks in the ceiling could be simply cosmetic, however, wider cracks might signal serious issues. We will be able to examine the crack in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen ceiling and figure out what steps to take in order to rectify.

In case you have a hole in your ceiling from a light fixture or maybe you put your foot through the ceiling that you want repaired as soon as possible. We’ll sort that out asap.

Is your wall full of multiple holes left by picture hooks? Maybe a curtain rod has fallen and left holes in your walls? We are always happy to help, and we’ll be able to repair those holes in the wall, so you don’t have to keep staring at them.

Perhaps you have just moved to a new place and there are multiple holes in the walls left by the last tenants who removed their wall fittings, Or maybe you want to position some picture frames in different places on your wall and want to fix the previous picture frame holes.

Did you try to gloss your doors, but they barely look shiny? Maybe the white gloss paint on your doors and skirting boards has taken on a yellow tinge. Leave it to our highly experienced team to take care of.

Our professionals can gloss doors, gloss skirting board and other surfaces you might want to be shiny. If you need a paint job before glossing, our painters are the experts for the job, they can paint walls, paint rooms, paint home exteriors, paint stairs, and more.

Do you have dirty walls that need cleaning? Perhaps your wooden garden furniture is looking dirty too? Or maybe your patio is looking grubby from fallen leaves, stains and weeds etc? You don’t have to worry anymore; jet washing or pressure washing is the answer. The Handy Squad has a team of professionals who will be able to clean any patio with a pressure washer.

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We build walls at any height, size or design.

We build interior, exterior and support brick walls and plaster professionally, if required.

We also build partition walls, office walls, etc

Walls that require skimming, is carried out to interior brick walls and partition walls and skimming is carried out with a professional smooth as glass finish too.

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We waterproof tanks, carry out damp sealing to areas of rising damp within the home or office and re-plaster the repaired and damp walls, by applying a waterproof plaster bond mixture. We re-waterproof showers and roofs too!

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So, you need some DIY carried out around the home or office and have a “very busy husband”, or “no tools”?? Need not fear, as we’re very near

Whether mounting pictures, large mirrors, hanging curtains, fitting floating shelves and walll mounting tv’s, just leave it to our experienced handymen – no job too small.

There is so much to take into account when hanging curtains or mounting anything on the wall, for example the type of wall, positioning, size and weight of the object and most importantly, whether there are hidden pipes or cables where you are looking to drill – it could be a tragedy! We know there is a lot to worry about, so why worry at all? Just give us a call?

The last thing you want is to drill through electrical cables or water pipes! The best thing to do is to contact a professional who will complete the job effectively.

Mirrors tend to be quite heavy (and breakable!). They need to be properly secured to make sure there is no risk of them falling down. Superstitious or not, who wants to have to spend time putting up a mirror for it to come off a few hours later? Yes, nobody wants that. That’s why our team know how to hang a large mirror and how to hang a heavy mirror on a brick wall or a plaster wall. Hanging wall mirrors is a walk in a park for us, so you can sit down and relax while we do the work.

Pencil pleat curtains, eyelet curtains, grey curtains or blackout curtains – our highly-experienced team will be able to hang up any sort of curtains you might require. Curtain poles, rails and tracks have to bear a good deal of weight, so need to be properly and securely fitted.

What about shades and drapes? Yes, those are other alternatives. We understand that decorating your home or office can become very overwhelming with the large amount of options available. For this reason, get our team to help you and while we are at it we’ll install your desired window treatment.

Our team are not only experts at hanging things up, but they have a wide range of skills which you might require, including lifting and shifting furniture, assembling flat pack furniture, removing old tile grout, baby proofing homes, boxing in cables and draught proofing offices. Besides general handyman services, our team also offers carpenter services, plumbing services, electrician servicing, moving services, decorating services and locksmith services.

Are all of your games pilling up on the floor? Perhaps your collection of books is simply stacked on top of a piece of furniture? It’s time to put up a shelf – you know it, we know it. Hanging up a bookshelf or any other type of shelf is very straight forward, however, they need to be properly secured, correctly positioned and, of course, perfectly level.

Have you received a new flat screen TV two weeks ago and it is still standing in the same place as it was because you haven’t got around to mounting it to the wall? Perhaps you simply don’t have enough time in your hands to finish the job – don’t worry, we’ll give you a helping hand and fix it firmly to the wall, so you can finally enjoy the wonders of full tv viewing.

Flat pack furniture was designed for easy and quick assembly; however, it often leads to confusion and arguments amongst your loved ones. We’ll take that burden out of your hands and make sure you’ll simply enjoy the end result of flat pack furniture rather than the whole process of assembling it. Whether it’s a new bed or a swing for the garden, we’ll be able to assemble it. Sometimes instructions can be unclear, small parts can be missing, or it may be a simple question of an extra pair of hands.

We can install a new bath or shower screen or replace an old one. Many customers find it hard to contact the right handyman for the job – don’t worry, we can assist you in no time. We provide both who are equally highly skilled and fit for the job. It’s important you get this job done right as it can cause water leakage and damages to the ceiling below (if you have another unit below you)_ creating even more hassles.

Ugly pipework can really disrupt the aesthetics of a room. For an easy solution just call us and we can send you a skilled team member to box in those unattractive pipes and make the room look a lot more pleasing to the eye.

Pets munching away at your PC wires? No problem. We can give you the helping hand you so much require. Without proper managing, cables can become very dangerous. Being left out can cause many tripping accidents and pets can chew through them, so the best thing to do is tidy them up?

Maybe you simply require a tweak to the existing toilet seat. No matter what you need, We’re here to help. Perhaps you are simply tired of your old toilet seat and are looking to swap it to a brand-new one – why not change the whole loo?

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